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are spotted     The antlers are occasionally very simple ;  in C. rufus

and a few allies (placed in a special sub-genus Coassus) they are
simple spikes without branches. In this genus, and in the nearly
allied and also ^few-World P-udua, the vomer is prolonged back-
wards and divides the posterior nares into two. The bulk of the
species are South American.

FIG. 154.  Chilian Doer.    Cccriacus cMlensis,

(Prom JVature.)

Pudua, just mentioned, comes from the Chilian Ancles. It is
a small Deer without canines and with minute antlers. Other
generic names have been proposed for various species of American

Hydropotes inermis is a small perfectly hornless Deer living
on the islands of the Yang-tse-kiang.     The male  has tusks;  the
young are  spotted.     Though, like other deer, Hydropotes has no
both Mr.  Garrod1 and Mr.  Forbes2  found the rudi-

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